söndag, april 24, 2005


Institute for Infinitely Small Things har gett sig ut på upptäcktsfärd i varuvärlden och presenterar The International Database of Corporate Commands.

Think Different Enjoy Life Rethink TV Unleash Your Warrior Spirit Think. Talk. Quit. DRINK. WIN. PLAY. Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer Simplify. Modify. Magnify. Relax. Go Nuts. Accelerate your life. Look sharp! Feel sharp! Be sharp! Wash. Dry. Fold. Give. Grow. Achieve. Thrive. Catch our momentum Surrender to smooth and creamy galaxy Remember: Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale get up get active get animated Spread the Word Grab a little "me" time Celebrate the Moments of Your Life Laugh More. Cry More. Experience More. Collect Them All Don't Just Entertain them! Delight them! TALK FOR FREE Some Things Aren't Meant To Be Shared; Get Cleaner Elevate. Expand. Endure. ADD LINES Stay Connected with the Ones you Love Celebrate more, Spend less change the way you look at color Make Peace With Your Body FALL IN LOVE WITH GOING TO WORK KEEP YOUR IDENTITY TO YOURSELF Know what matters. Transform ideas into action Put The Freshness Back Obey Your Thirst Honor the past. Celebrate the present. Promise the future. SHIFT the future! Spread the Fun Be a Great Gift Giver We Report. You Decide. Enjoy uncertainty. Look forward to not looking...
What if we actually DID what the corporate commands told us to do in the LOCATION where they told us to do it? frågar sig institutet. Relaterade inlägg: